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Our peaceful Yoga Studio is located in central Tampere, near the University Campus.

We offer Kundalini Yoga classes for all age groups. All our teachers speak fluent English.

You can also book a session for Energy Healing, Gong Sound Healing or Ayurveda consultation.
We can organize workshops, classes and lectures for your group in English as well as in Finnish.

Don’t hesitate – go meditate! You are warmly welcome!

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Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga is a yoga of awareness. It is the original form of yoga, from which other styles separated. Kundalini Yoga has the physical aspect of Ashtanga and Hatha Yoga, the mantra aspect of Laya and Mantra Yoga, and the meditation aspect of Raj Yoga. It entails the philosophy of Karma Yoga, enhances the dedication of Bhakti Yoga, and strengthens the inner wisdom of Gyan Yoga.

Kundalini Yoga originates from India. It is an ancient science dating back thousands of years, and it was kept a secret, taught only to very few people by the enlightened Yogis. It was not until the late 1960’s that the Western world heard about this brilliant method of self development and practice.

In 1969 Yogi Bhajan travelled to Canada and decided to start teaching this technology to everyone and anyone. Yogi Bhajan made Kundalini Yoga available and accessible to anyone, declaring that you don’t need to live in a cave in the mountains in order to be spiritually developed and even enlightened.

Kundalini Yoga is a practice of the householder who lives in the modern society and has to face the challenges of this era day after day. As Yogi Bhajan puts it, ”It is your birthright to be healthy, happy and holy.” Today Kundalini Yoga is taught all over the world, and the Teacher Training Program is supervised byKundalini Research Institute (KRI) and Healthy, Happy and Holy Organization (3HO).

Class Structure

A Kundalini Yoga class lasts either 60 minutes or 90 minutes. Every class is different, because there are thousands of kriyas (or exercise sets) and meditations.

However, the basic structure is always the same:
1) We tune in with Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo and sometimes also Mangala Charan Mantra Ad Gure Nameh, Jugaad Gure Nameh, Sat Gure Nameh, Siri Guru Dev-e Nameh. NOTE! Please don’t be late, because the tune-in mantras are an essential part of the class.
2) We do some warm-up exercises to prepare our bodies for the kriya.
3) We do a kriya chosen by the teacher: for example, “Kriya for Healthy Bowel System” or “Kriya to Conquer Sleep”. Some kriyas are really tough workouts that will make you sweat, while other kriyas are more gentle.
4) After the kriya we relax for 5 to 10 minutes. This is when the kriya starts to affect you.
5) Usually after the kriya we do a meditation for 3 to 11 minutes. The meditation is chosen by the teacher to enhance the kriya’s effects.
6) To end the class we sing Long Time Sun and we say the mantra Sat Nam three times.

What to wear, what to bring? Wear comfortable clothes, preferably natural fabrics. We have yoga mats, blankets and cushions in our studio, and there’s always Yogi Tea and water for you.


Kundalini Yoga classes
(The prices in brackets are discount prices for the unemployed, the retired, students and those on maternity leave — please prepare to prove your right to the discount.)

single class
30 min 5 € (4 €)
60 min10 € (8 €)
90 min15 € (12 €)
2 h 20 € (16 €)

  • value card 30 x 30 min 110 € (90 €) valid for 16 weeks
  • value card 10 x 30 min 42 € (35 €) valid for 12 weeks

The value cards are valid for all yoga classes. For example, if you come for a 60-minute class, two boxes are ticked on your card; if you come for a 2-hour theory lecture, we will tick four boxes.

30 x 30 min. value card equals TEN 90-minute classes.
10 x 30 min. value card is a good choice if you only want to come for the 30-minute relaxation classes once a week .

Buy your 10×30 card here

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  • 1 month card 100 € (80 €)
  • 2 months card 170 € (140 €)

With a monthly card you can join as many classes and theory lectures as you want.
The 1-month card is valid for 4 weeks, and the 2-month card for 8 weeks starting on your first class.

Buy your 1 month card here

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Business account

The business account option is an easy way for your company’s employees to attend our yoga classes without their own value cards. You pay for their classes beforehand, and we keep records of their classes.

For example:
100 x 30 min 450 €
200 x 30 min 850 €

Please contact us for a customized business account solution for your company!

Class descriptions

Note! All classes are taught in Finnish, but whenever a foreigner comes to class, the teacher will explain things in English as well. If 10 people want to have any of these classes in English only, we will be happy to organize it!

Perustunti / Basic Class. 60 or 90 min.
A Basic Kundalini Yoga class, suitable for beginners and advanced yogis & yoginis. Various kriyas and meditations that focus on different aspects every time.

Selänhuolto / Yoga for the spine. 60/90 min.
A Basic Kundalini Yoga class that focuses on strengthening your back and increasing the flexibility of your spine. A strong and flexible spine is crucial to our well-being both mentally and phyiscally.

Stressinpoisto / De-Stress. 60 min.
A Basic Kundalini Yoga class that focuses on releasing tension and stress, both mentally and physically. A truly rejuvenating exercise!

Chakra. 90 min.
A Basic Kundalini Yoga class that focuses on one chakra at a time. The chakras are invisible energy centers in our body, and their imbalance or weakness has numerous effects on our psyche and body. We focus on the same chakra in three consecutive classes, but the exercises and meditations are different every time. Check the schedule so you know which chakra you’ll be working on each day.

Gong-rentoutus / Gong Relaxation. 30 min.
Get gonged! The unique vibrations of the Gong have been used for healing, meditation and deep relaxation for over two thousand years. The deep, soft sounds of the Gong will immediately bring you to a state of blissful rest. It purifies your subconscious, which can bring up all kinds of emotions. Not suitable for children or pregnant women.

Shindo 60 min

Yin Yoga 60 min

Chi Ball 60 min

Workshops and lectures.
These are normally in Finnish.

Aamusadhana / Morning Sadhana. 2,5 h.
Wake up in the ambrosial hours when the world is silent. Join us in Group Sadhana and take a mental shower to cleanse the energies and clear the chakras. First we recite the Japji, the Song of the Soul. Then we do a full yoga exercise set, and after a short relaxation we meditate for 62 minutes singing mantras to beautiful music. After sadhana you can stay for a cup of tea and some snacks. Children are welcome, too! They can sleep beside you while you meditate.Note! In the Morning Sadhana the teacher doesn’t speak as much as in normal classes, and the mantras are in Gurmukhi, so it’s very suitable for people who don’t speak Finnish. Note! Morning Sadhana is free of charge, but we encourage you to drop a couple of coins in our Charity box.

Contact us

Sach Amrit Kaur (Riikka Kaipainen) is a KRI Certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher, and a teacher-translator of English and Italian.
Tel. +358 50 350 8680
E-mail: sach.amrit.kaur@gmail.com

Sach Amrit Singh (Joakim Kaipainen) is a KRI Certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher. He has been teaching spiritual development courses since 2005. He has a wide experience of various healing and meditation techniques.
Tel +358 50 344 9089
E-mail: sach.amrit.singh@gmail.com

You can also contact us at info.ongnamo@gmail.com.